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A Fairer World is a social justice hub comprising the Tasmanian Centre for Global Learning, the Global Learning Resource Library and www.afairerworld.org.

We empower schools and the Tasmanian community to take action for social justice, peace and a sustainable world future.

A Fairer World awards:
Finalist 2014 Community Group of the Year, Hobart City Council Australia Day 2012 Community Event of the Year, 2011 Tasmanian Human Rights Community Organisation Award



Back for one night only Women's Business with the Students Against Racism...

2016 Tasmanian Human Rights Award nominations now open...

Do you have a story of prejudice? Could you be a human book? ...download the flyer

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Our programs
Are you an educator looking for ways to engage your students with social justice? A Fairer World can help.
Our education programs and events are a great way to empower your students to learn about and act for social justice.
Click on the boxes below to find out more about our programs.


Information on global issues
Are you planning on working or volunteering overseas and want to understand more about the country you’ll be visiting? Or are you simply interested in learning about the world around you? Click on the boxes below for a brief introduction and links to resources about social issues around the world.


A link to the peace and conflict section of the website. Peace and conflict

The human cost of war, the economic cost of war, nuclear proliferation, the arms trade, conflict resolution

Let's Get Together: Diversity Education Program
Respectful schools program...

A link to the capacity building section of the website. Development

Capacity, participation and empowerment, governance, intentional communities

Hobart Human Library

Diversity training for schools or workplaces...

A link to the wealth and poverty section of the website. Wealth and poverty

Food and water, housing and land, health, education, employment, disaster relief

Living in Between:
Diversity Education through Storytelling

Award winning anti-racism program and presentations...

A link to the global economy section of the website. The global economy

Consumerism, trade, globalisation, aid & debt, corporations, microfinance, tourism

Are You Making A Difference?
Find out more about this social justice education program in Tasmania...

A link to the justice and equity section of the website. Justice and equity

Human rightsgender,  children and youth, minoritiesmigrants and refugees , indigenous people

A Fairer World Youth
information on issues for young Tasmanians...

A link to the environment section of the website. Environment

Population, energy and climate, agriculture, forests, oceans, biodiversity, pollution and waste, sustainability, animal welfare

Human Rights Week
in Tasmania
and recent award winners

A link to the communications section of the website. Communications

Mainstream media, alternative media, ICT for development

Social justice
Find out what's happening
around Tasmania...

A link to the justice and equity section of the website.Country data

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